The supermoon seen from Mount Eden in Auckland, New Zealand

Did you all see the supermoon this weekend? 

Truth be told I missed it, but I've seen the bright fullness of the bookending days of this incredible full moon. I have been having so many thoughts about the moon (it's all the Carl Sagan and Natural History Museum we've been partaking in) and how strangely it's gravity affects us. Please, spare me your, "this is where I stop listening to your hippie bullshit" speech. For if the moon's gravity has enough power to affect the tide of the entire ocean, what makes you think it's gravity doesn't take a similar effect on your body? Yes, the majority of your body is composed of water molecules, and yes, your body is a measly and small thing in comparison to the mass of the oceans of the planet earth. You are not beyond this.

So much folklore surrounds the full moon. People losing their minds and sensibilities and turning into monsters. This type of lore can be found from all areas of the globe,  it's readily apparent that there is a parallel running through the human experience and the human body's connection to the moon. The lunar force affects you and you feel it. The physics of it, not the mystics of it. The mystical aspect only comes from the acknowledgement of the change that is indeed present when the moon pulls on us, weighs on us. You are not beyond this.

As I get older, I notice the degree to which my own body is in sync with the lunar cycle, it's mind blowing. Most likely because of this I am more aware than ever of the underlying connection between the power of womanhood and the moon. It seems, according to my own observations, that feminine energy is always presented at its strongest at night. I am most aware of its literary and cultural connotations (anyone a D.H. Lawrence fan?) but there seems to be a clear identification with the strength of womanhood in connection to the darkness. There is something so sexy and inverted in that imagery. Oddly enough, "The word 'menstruation' is etymologically related to 'moon'. The terms 'menstruation' and 'menses' are derived from the Latin 'mensis' (month) which in turn relates to the Greek meme (moon) and the roots of the English words month and moon." (Wikipedia and we all know Wiki is always right.)

This is starting to sound like the makings of a Bjork song...

I was explaining a few thoughts on this to my boss who I think was really digging the concept. We cross multiple language barriers to hold conversations but the last few days I have been consistently asked, "How is your gravity? Your gravity ca va?" It's catching on.

My dearest of friends is exploring night gardens for a new choreographic project. I am admittedly jealous of one music choice she made for setting the tone of night. It is on this note I bid you adieu. Listen to the full song if you can, it's going to be worth it.


it's always recommend to make your own mashups and play while watching these:

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